Message; Buddy,

Do you know what’s the simplest trick to establish trust with your website audience?

Comply with GDPR regulation.

Look, if you’re in EU, then compliance is mandatory, you can’t escape it, but I don’t want you
to not be compliant even if you aren’t in EU.

I want you to think of compliance as a mandatory measure. Consider it like getting a secure
server certificate for your website. You do it cause it makes your business more trustable.

Yes, if you confirm to GDPR and it shows, people will trust you more.

And it’s easy, really easy with this powerful new WordPress plugin

You see, this plugin puts together the seven key features of GDPR in one place. You just set
it up and you get everything done for you.

– Cookie consent & management
– Terms & Conditions policy
– Privacy Policy
– Right to be forgotten requirement
– Data access requirement
– Data breach notification requirement
– Data rectification system

All of these requirements met in a matter of minutes! Can you find an easier approach than
this plugin?

If you’re not a huge business with unique requirements and a specific policy towards GDPR,
then you may not even need anything more than this. This will work perfectly.

Not convinced?

Go check the demo video on the webpage above, you’re going to be blown away I promise

If compliance can be so easy, why would you be non compliant? Why would you turn away
more customers and more business?

No! Don’t do that.

Go to this page and get your compliance quick-fix now.